Kevin McCort, CEO, Vancouver Foundation

Juniper has been a great help to Vancouver Foundation. We needed a consultant who understood the issues facing community foundations and who could help us learn from our work in support of youth in British Columbia. She brought great nuance and depth of analysis around equity and how foundations can be agents of social change. Her writing is clear, her deliverables were timely and her collaborative spirit was much appreciated.

Violaine Desrosiers, Co-Executive Director, Maison de l'innovation sociale; former Executive Director, Pathy Family Foundation

Our experience of working with Juniper was transformational for our organization. She quickly grasped the needs of our team and adapted her services to fit them. Her deep understanding of the role of grantmaking foundations gave our team confidence in her work and her ability to help us where we needed it the most. Juniper is a strategic thinker, she is a good listener and she delivers what she said she would deliver. Very reliable, Juniper did go beyond our expectations and we recommend her consulting services to many of our partners and grantees without hesitation.

Jehad Aliweiwi, Executive Director, Laidlaw Foundation

I have had the pleasure of working with Juniper and hear team over the past year. Juniper provides a unique understanding of the philanthropic sector and its responsiveness to communities' issues and needs. She has a deep insight into the role of foundations as enablers of social change. She has a thorough understanding of the need to link strategic approaches to operational competencies. Juniper is able to provide thoughtful assessments of strategy and operational analysis that allow organizations like Laidlaw to learn, develop and improve on existing strategies and build learning and expertise.

She is a competent professional who values your time, understands your needs and follows through commitments and delivers. She is wonderful to work with, communicates clearly, and her depth of knowledge of the philanthropic and foundations community makes her unique and experienced source of support and learning. Highly recommended

Sara Lyons, Vice President, Community Foundations of Canada

Values-driven leadership and support of the highest quality and integrity. Juniper is highly professional, friendly, thoughtful, a strong writer and a clear thinker. She brings real knowledge and analysis about Canada's philanthropic and not for profit sector. Juniper brings a balance of listening, direction, and perspective and I would trust her in sensitive situations.

Christopher Lee, Manager, Grants + Media Impact Funding, Inspirit Foundation

It's always a pleasure working with Juniper. She consistently brings a depth of knowledge about the non-profit sector in Canada, sharp insights, curiosity, nuanced analysis, and grounded ethical approach, which have proven valuable in supporting Inspirit's work over the past 3 years. I can't recommend her enough!

Lee Rose, Managing Director, CKX

I had the pleasure and delight to work with Juniper on a national three-year Vital Signs research initiative at Community Foundations of Canada that explored the idea of belonging and connection to community. As research lead, Juniper was responsible for sourcing, analyzing and interpreting data; creating a compelling and interesting narrative; and finding stories and examples to bring the data to life. Juniper was a dream to work with on this project. She brought her unique perspective, a sense of curiosity and a dedication to telling and sharing stories of people from across the country.


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